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      Lessons 1 to 50.

      "400 Years of Eternal Power"

Download   1. Do all the translations really say the same thing ? Rick Jordan.
Download   2. Having confidence in the Word of God - David Busch.
Download   3. Inspiration: where did the Word of God come from ? John Verstegen.
Download   4. Preservation: a fundamental promise - Rick Jordan.
Download   5. Why the difference in translations ? Rick Jordan.
Download   6. Why the King James bible ? John Verstegen.
Download   7. Words vs concepts: What difference does it make ? John Verstegen.

      "400 Years of Eternal Power 1611-2011"

Download   8. Alex Kurz - With bible in hand.
Download   9. Perry Lemmons - God gives His Word.
Download   10. Des Strydom - God keeps His Word.
Download   11. Greg Hayes - God's people recognize His Word.
Download   12. Edward Yarber - The word of truth.
Download   13. Steve Hamilton - Seek ye out the Book of the Lord.
Download   14. Richard Church - They received the Word.
Download   15. Bryan Ross - Wycliff: The morning star of the reformation.
Download   16. Ted Fellows - The perils of the season.
Download   17. Charlie McQuillan - The Faithful Word.
Download   18. Steve Ross - Throughly furnished.
Download   19. Matthew Walker - Rhyme, rhythm and readers.
Download   20. David Reid - Erasmus; Laying the egg for Luther to hatch.
Download   21. John Verstegen - The passion of the saints.
Download   22. Morris Chesnut - Which gospel do we preach ?
Download   23. Carl Hayes - Words without wisdom.
Download   24. Russ Hargett - Tyndale, the plow boy gets his bible.
Download   25. Rick Jordan - The power of the scriptures.
Download   26. Erik Walker - The word of life.
Download   27. Rodney Beaulieu - Thee, thou and all that.
Download   28. Ray Keable - King James and his scribes.
Download   29. Thomas Bruscha - The prerequisite of the Sovereign.
Download   30. Ken Scharf - Can we trust the New King James version ?
Download   31. Bryan Ross - Inerrancy and the KJB.

      "Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible"

Download   32. Rick Jordan - The doctrines of inspiration and preservation.

      "Southwest Winter Grace Conference"

Download   33. John Verstegen - What the bible says about itself. The word of the living God.
Download   34. Rick Jordan - The teaching ability of the King James Bible. Itís unique built-in dictionary.
Download   35. John Verstegen - The teaching ability of the King James Bible - Itís rhythm and rhyme.
Download   36. Rick Jordan - What doctrines are affected by the new versions.
Download   37. Rick Jordan - How do the new versions impact right division and the grace message.

      "The Book, The History, The Doctrine, The People"

Download   The Book, The History, The Doctrine, The People PDF file.
Download   38. Bryan Ross - What is Truth ?
Download   39. Matthew Walker - The whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Download   40. Des Strydom - The promise of preservation.
Download   41. Bryan Ross - The people and process of preservation.
Download   42. Bryan Ross - The product of preservation.
Download   43. Bryan Ross - The language and readability of the KJV.
Download   44. Ted Fellows - The Way, the Truth and the Life.
Download   45. Des Strydom - The pillar and ground of the truth.

      "The King James Bible 400"

Download   46. Ray Keable - Practical reasons.
Download   47. Ray Keable - Is biblical common sense important for you ?
Download   48. David Reid - Statistical proof that the Bible is the Word of God.
Download   49. David Reid - What parts of the Bible to believe.
Download   50. David Reid - Where was the word of God before 1611 ?

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